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One Shot X Halal

One Shot, the world’s most limited, limited edition photo series is back with a very special edition made in collaboration with HALAL. One Shot’s online gallery is a unique way to purchase fine art photography. Buyers aren’t able to preview the shots — they only have the shot numbers on the roll to choose from. This element of uncertainty and risk makes One Shot the Russian roulette of photography. When a shot is claimed, it’s gone forever. Each buyer will receive the only print of their shot in existence — delivered in beautiful packaging, signed and numbered by the photographer.

Edition three features three rolls of film, each shot by a different HALAL photographer — Lotte van Raalte, Johan Kramer and Olya Oleinic. Each photographer brings a unique style (and film format) to the project, creating three distinct sets of one-of-a-kind photos. Claim your mystery shot for the affordable price of $175 at oneshoteditions.com.


© Olya Oleinic

Didi’s Pin Up Club

11 juli 2018

Kom naar Didi's Pin Up Club in Studio Sarphaat! Met artworks van o.a. Cedric Laquieze (op het ubermooie Fine Art Photo Rag Satin:):)) maar ook van...

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