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Sanne De Wilde op UNSEEN festival

Sanne De Wilde & Arko Datto with East Wing

NOOR photographers Sanne De Wilde and Arko Datto will exhibit for the first time their respective projects with East Wing gallery (Stand 17).
Sanne De Wilde’s award winning series Island of the Colorblind is inspired by the role genetics play in humans and how it effects perception, Sanne uses metaphor to investigate the Pingelap and Pohnpei islands in Micronesia, which both have an extraordinary high incidences of achromatopsia (complete colourblindness).

© Sanne De Wilde / NOOR

Arko Datto will premiere at UNSEEN with his new series Will My Mannequin Be Home When I Return. Beginning in early 2014, a few months before Hindu extremists took over the country, Mannequin, presents premonitory signs of things to come, splayed out across fraught nocturnal landscapes, providing glimpses into symbols that are emblematic of present day India. Intolerance, terror and the clash of civilisations resonate universally across cultures and continents as the primary forces shaping global society today.

Mannequin portrays Indian night – the first instalment of an existential trilogy on nighttime, nightlife and night space – three essential elements that exist in grudging harmony and brutal confrontation.

© Arko Datto / NOOR

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